The lives of these impoverished ladies are etched with hardship and tragedy.  They display diligent determination to make a difference to improve the lives of vulnerable children and women in Western Zambia. Many of them are the sole bread winners in their families and are developing a sense of self worth and purpose through the project. 

We happily introduce some of them to you and share a smattering of their backgrounds and what Hope Art means to them personally.


My name is IRENE KAWELE and I was born in 1958.  In 2005 when my husband passed away I discovered I was HIV positive.  Prior to my involvement with Hope Art I had no income and I struggled daily to support the 8 orphans left in my care by family members.  It was very difficult for me when they cried for food and I wasn’t able to provide. I am so grateful that now with the money I earn through Hope Art, I am able to care for and educate these children and look after my own health.  Thank you for your support. (Irene recently got married to a lovely man, Richard, and she will continue to part of Hope Art.)

I am CHILOMBO CHINGA, was born in 1959 and am a widow.  I only discovered my HIV positive status when my twin babies died of HIV. I grew up in an extremely poor family and was unable to attend school.  It is a real privilege to now be able to send my surviving children to school with the income I earn through Hope Art, not to mention the joy of providing food for them.  Thank you for caring.

My name is IREEN MUTAKELA, born in 1982 into a very poor family who were unable to send me to school. My husband has a stand at the local market selling building materials.  I am able to supplement his income with that earned at Hope Art enabling us to care for our two small children and an ailing ill mother.  It is my desire to also acquire an education through my income from Hope Art.   I am grateful for this opportunity.

My name is BIBIAN KAWELE a HIV positive widow born in 1977.  As a single mother, survival has been difficult caring for my own 3 children and an orphan.  I was orphaned myself as a young child and raised by my Aunt who did not have the means to send me to school.   Due to Hope Art, I am so happy that my children can now attend school, are not hungry anymore and have a hope for the future!  Thank you for making a difference in our lives – I am also hoping to complete my schooling.

I am MARY MUBITA, born in 1982. I have a lot of sad stories to tell from my childhood that I hope to protect my two beautiful small kids from.  I am currently my family’s sole provider as my husband is struggling to find work.  Since my involvement with Hope Art, I am encouraged about the future for our two small children and it is exciting to see the changes in our family life. Thank you so much for supporting us!

I am ROSEMARY SAKALA, born in 1968.  I am the team leader and enjoy learning new skills and developing my leadership abilities.  Fortunately my husband is able to provide for our family, so I have the privilege to use my earnings from Hope Art to support the many needy families and children in my community.  Thank you so much for your contribution to Hope Art.  Together we can make a significant impact in Western Zambia.