Hope Art started with a whisper from God...


We were desperate to start a village where we could care for more orphans and vulnerable children, so we cried out to God, asking for His guidance. 

God responded with one word: ‘Art’.

Through His prompting and guidance we then launched Hope Art in July 2009. We encouraged the local people to embrace the orphan situation and get involved. In response to this challenge, a group of unemployed women from Hope Church, volunteered to help. Artists from South Africa agreed to visit us in Zambia and teach these women how to make some arts and crafts. We were hoping to be able to sell these and make a profit to help fund our village for orphans.

The paper beads craft was an absolute hit and soon the women were able to receive an income instead of just volunteering their time.

This video was made shortly after Hope Art was birthed. At the time, we had no facilities to care for the kids besides a tent. Today, we run a centre for malnourished children, a school for 200 vulnerable children, and house orphans that have nowhere else to live!